Your wedding, YOUR way!

So I have a problem with joining Facebook groups. I join so many. My husband likes to call me out on it. “Why do you need to join another group?!” It isn’t that I NEED to. It’s just that who knows what I can learn or see in these groups?!? FOMO is real, y’all! But really, there can be some gems in these groups. I am in a number of newly engaged and wedding groups.

One thing I keep seeing over and over again, are people asking questions that keep their wedding in a box, because that is what society says to do! “How old is too old for a flower girl?” “How many bridesmaids do I need for a minimum?” “How much do I spend per person on a favor?!” People – YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO WHAT EVERYONE SAYS TO DO!

I photographed a wedding and the flower girls were the GRANDMA’S!! Bridesmaids…. have 1 or 10, have a bridesman. Get favors. Or don’t get favors. It is your wedding, do it how you want!! You do NOT need to subscribe to what “the book” says!!

It’s your wedding, do it how you want!

Boho wedding with peacock chairs, VW Bus, and fun DIFFERENT decor!

Dare to be different!

For our wedding in October of 2019, I knew I wanted to. be different. I wanted people talking about how different it was. I am not a dancer, and usually at weddings I’m the person watching the dancing. So I knew I wanted games, I wanted entertainment that was not the same thing that we see at weddings. So we brought in the Cincinnati Circus Company to bring in fun carnival games, a juggler, and a magician. Don’t worry – I’ll eventually do a blog post about a circus/festival theme. So stay tuned!

For flower girl… we used our dog, Dolores. She didn’t throw flowers obviously, but she wore them and looked AHHHH-DORABLE!

My dad unfortunately passed away from cancer in 2011. Not having him at our wedding was hard for me. I did not want just anyone to walk me down the aisle. Because NO-ONE can replace or even fill in for my dad. So I had my male shiba-inu walk me down the aisle and let me tell you… he took his job VERY seriously!

Shiba Inu in tux
Our male shiba, Guillermo at our wedding! Photo cred: Beyond the Pines

You DO YOU on your wedding day!

Bottom line is you do not have to subscribe to what Facebook says you should do. There are no rules. It is your big day. You’ll remember that day forever. So do it how you want. Do it in a way you will cherish. Bring to life that day you have envisioned your whole life. But most importantly, create a day that will bring you joy. You are marrying your best friend! That is SUCH a big deal! The day is about your love. So don’t worry about what you “should do” and make it how you want.

If you want a beer truck, get the beer truck. If you want a magician, DO IT! Thinking it’d be cool to do pies instead of cake? GO FOR IT!




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