Lafayette Indiana Grad Photos!

Hi friends! So Sunday night I had a grad photo session. As I drove up to the first location, the skies started to get DARK! I immediately got so happy. Here’s the thing, Indiana weather can change so quickly. I regularly have people get worried over the skies and potential for rain, but to me, this gives different vibes! So I get SO FREAKIN EXCITED!!

The first location we met at was on top of a parking garage in Lafayette, IN. PERFECT views of the dark skies rolling in.

As expected, rain hit for a hot minute. BUT IT DIDN’T STOP US! We ran to some dope Downtown Lafayette spots to get some fun shots before the downpour really began. From there we headed to Prophetstown State Park. By the time we got to Prophetstown (a whole 10 minute drive at most), the rain was gone and the amazing beautiful sun was coming out!!

Side note – Lily busted out this amazing Baltic Born dress, that I 10/10 recommend! I mean come on! That flow, the color, ugh, it is what dreams are made of!

Anyhoo – basically what I am getting at is to not let the skies scare you! Photos do not need to always been bright, sunny, perfect, warm days. Moody skies make for such amazing backgrounds. Embrace whatever Mother Nature brings!!!



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