Un-boring Headshots!

What do you think of when you think of headshots?

Do you think of headshots being done in front of a blue backdrop in a studio?

Arms crossed?

Slightly angled?

We all know what the aesthetic I am talking about. And let me tell you – if that is what you like, that is totally cool! I will ALWAYS tell everyone that they should do what they feel most comfortable with!

But let me tell you this too – they can be fun. Fun is OK! Different is OK! Your photos…..ESPECIALLY HEADSHOTS should represent YOU and YOUR personal brand!

This shoot we were trying to display a few things…. 1. The outfit, which is from the AMAZING Wild Feathers which is located in The Garage in Indianapolis. and 2. her bomb a$$ hair.

So as you start thinking of your headshots either just for yourself, or for your company, think about what do you want to display? Do you want them to be fun? Spunky? Serious? Stoic? Candid? Looking straight into the lens?

Trust me, there’s no wrong answer. There’s so many creative things to do with headshots. And Indy has SO many cool spots. If you haven’t been to Bottleworks or The Garage, go check it out. Some other good spaces are the Indianapolis Library, downtown Carmel, one of the state parks, etc.

If this post gets you thinking about headshots — hit me up! I would love to brainstorm and come up with some creative concepts for your personal brand and style!



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