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In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s so easy to get caught up in the big events and life milestones. While these moments are so important, the smaller, everyday moments often bring the most joy and create lasting memories. Capturing these moments that may seem insignificant can be incredibly meaningful, providing you with the memory of how life was in that moment in time. This is why family photography is so important!

The Magic of Small Moments

Life is full of small, joyful moments that often go unnoticed. A child’s laughter, a shared meal, or a quiet moment of reflection are moments that we will one day think back on and wish we could revisit. When I do family photography sessions, people often want to stand and smile at the camera. I get it. You want that “traditional” photo to hang on the wall. But sometimes, the best photos to share are the kisses, the hugs, the little hands and feet. The details and those tiny pieces of time allow us to appreciate and remind us of our love and happiness; they allow us to look back and remember the little things that made us smile, the people we shared our lives with, and the experiences that shaped us. These photos become a cherished part of our personal history, telling the story of our lives in vivid detail.

Small moments often carry significant emotional weight. A photo of a child interacting with a beloved pet, can evoke powerful feelings of love, innocence, and connection. These images remind us of the deep bonds we share with others and the joy that comes from these relationships.

Taking the time to capture everyday moments encourages us to be more present and mindful. It helps us slow down and appreciate the beauty in our surroundings and the people we care about.

My Family

When I had our son, I vowed to capture as much as I can. Some have said, “Maybe just be present in this moment.” Sure, that would work great for some. But I go back and look at the photos all the time. I showed him (who is now 3 years old) photos of him as a newborn, how he was at 1 year old, and the times he hugged one of our dogs. Let me tell you – he loves it! As a mother, I love it. I love seeing the growth. I love remembering how it was a year ago, two years ago. I want to remember all of these things. 

I have so many photo albums, wall art, and prints everywhere, showing all of the times we have had. 

Aside from taking my own photos ALL the time, we prioritize family photography multiple times a year! I know this is not realistic for everyone, but for us, this is what is most important and something we prioritize with every season. 

Detail Photos

What are detail photos? These are the shots that may not feature the face. It may focus on the tiny hands and feet. Focus on an action that the subject is doing. The photos below are of my son, Roman. It was a time when we were visiting a horse. He was super fixated on the weeds (or the “pretty flowers,” as he called them). So I ran to my car, picked a basket (yup, I ALWAYS have my camera and props available! You never know when it will be needed!), and let him do what he wanted. I wanted him to be him. I wanted to get the flowers he picked and his raw and authentic behaviors in the field. Guess how many photos from the gallery below I printed? ALL.OF.THEM! I want to remember this moment. He will grow. He will get to an age where he doesn’t find unicorns magical. He will one day no longer want to pick flowers for me. He will refuse to carry a little basket. So, for now, I want to get every moment I can! 

Get the Photos

Capturing life’s small moments is a powerful way to appreciate the beauty and joy in our everyday lives. These moments may seem insignificant at the time, but they are the ones that often hold the most meaning and create lasting memories. Through photography, we can preserve these fleeting experiences and reflect on the love, happiness, and connections that define our lives. So, take the time to capture the little things – they are, after all, what make life truly special.

As a Lafayette, Indiana family photographer, I find immense joy in capturing these beautiful moments for families to cherish forever. Whether it’s the laughter of a child, the gentle bond between a little one and their pet, or the everyday magic of family life, these small moments are the heart and soul of our memories. Let’s celebrate the beauty in the everyday and create lasting memories together!




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